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From top left to right: Karin Petko, Kaja Rakuscek, Kaja Safar, Andrijan Tasevski, Ascia Guseva, Ariela Hercek, Nadja Jukic, Lenca Ambrozic, Dominik Lenarcic, Petra Ramsak

ENgLIST is the students’ newspaper of the English Department at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. Although most of the editors and contributors to ENgLIST are English students, other majors at the Faculty of Arts can also participate and/or submit their work. ENgLIST is published annually or twice a year (once every semester). The journal mostly publishes creative works such as poetry and short stories, academic papers and essays, as well as various other forms of writing such as articles, interviews, travel logs, etc. ENgLIST has a long-standing tradition, with its 20th issue scheduled for publishing in the academic year 2020/21.