ENgLIST welcomes all types of submissions. The most popular forms are short stories, essays, poems, seminar papers and various reports. We’ve also published the occasional script and interview. 

We accept submissions all year round. Typically, we only publish one issue per year, usually sometime in spring. We will advertise our submission deadline for a particular issue on our website and social media a few months prior to publication. If you submit your piece after the deadline, we will consider it for publication in the next issue. 

Before you submit a piece, please read the submission guidelines below. 


ENgLIST is a student publication and therefore not a very strict one. However, our editors are volunteers and are not reimbursed for the time they invest in editing submissions and providing helpful feedback for authors. Their time is valuable and should not be spent on sloppy formatting and first drafts.

Before submitting your piece, please make sure it abides by the following guidelines: 

Use a sensible font (Times New Roman or similar), size 12. Please double-space your piece as this makes it easier for the editors to read and edit your work. In prose, the convention is also to indent the first line of every paragraph (by 1,27 cm) and skip additional spacing between paragraphs.

Please make sure you read and edit your piece and submit as clean a version as possible. Please also use spellcheck as this will save everyone a lot of time. We don’t expect your piece to be perfect, but simply reading the text once or twice before you submit might take care of some typos or mistakes you might have missed before. 

Please send us your submission in a Word document.

For citations, please follow Chicago Manual of Style v. 17 (unless your piece has already been or will be published in a journal which calls for the use of a different style guide, in which case please alert us to this fact when submitting the piece). 

We welcome submissions in British English as well as American English, but we do insist that the authors be consistent in their usage. This applies to spelling as well as different expressions (e.g., use the word ‘pavement’ in British English and ‘sidewalk’ in American English). Spellcheck will come in handy with this, as well. Please also note the differences in punctuation rules between the two variants of English. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or contact us via the webpage or our social media accounts and we will reply as soon as possible. 


You can send us your submissions via email ( We will typically reply within a few days.