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Blog post by Veronika Mikec

Writing can be extremely fun (ENgLIST is not paying me to say this, I swear), but we often find ourselves fighting writer’s block. And it’s usually at its worst when we really urgently need to come up with something original and well-written. While it’s sometimes best to simply take a break and wait for inspiration to strike, we have to take into consideration deadlines that must be met one way or another.

The easiest and quickest way to get rid of writer’s block is by – you guessed it – writing. But instead of focusing on whatever project you’re putting off (be it an essay, a seminar paper, or an article), simply pick up your pen or turn on your computer and start writing. It doesn’t even have to make sense – complete gibberish is better than sulking at your desk and stressing over the deadlines awaiting you.

Here’s a challenge for you. Pick one of the three prompts we came up with for you, and write a story of about, let’s say, 500 words. Make sure you take into account all the criteria listed below each prompt, and kick your writer’s block where it hurts the most! Better yet, try coming up with a story for each of the listed prompts – who cares if it sucks?


  • First and last sentence must contain only one word.
  • The story must include the words “fiery,” “unrest,” and “stretch.”
  • The story must take place in 24 hours.


  • The story must take place in the year 3049.
  • The story must include the phrase “She intended to.”
  • The story must end with a question.


  • The opening sentence must begin with the word “forty.”
  • The story must include a countdown of some kind.
  • The story must mention three different plants.

Once you’re done, why not send the story you have written our way? ENgLIST will be more than happy to consider publishing your piece of writing in out next issue and celebrate your creative process!


This writing challenge was inspired by Australian Writer’s Centre’s Furious Fiction competition.